I worked as a previsualization artist (which is a bit like a 3D storyboard artist) for a number of big budget feature films, game cinematics and commercials. I composed shots and did temporary animation to work out the pacing and feel of the shots. On large shows, many people work on these shots and it becomes a collaborative process. The reel below shows the final clips after many hours of labor.

Reel Breakdown

Final shots from the following films:

  • XMen Origins Wolverine, Fox Features, Fox Cinedev
  • Cats and Dogs 2, Universal Pictures, The Third Floor
  • Thor, Marvel Studios, The Third Floor
  • Battleship, Universal Studios, The Third Floor
  • Avengers, Marvel Studios, The Third Floor
  • Men in Black III, Sony, The Third Floor
  • Oblivion, Universal, The Third Floor
  • NBA2K13 Commercial, Digital Domain/Mothership
  • Mad Max Game Teaser, Digital Domain/Mothership