In early 2015, I was prototyping game mechanics that I believed had the potential for anxiety reduction. My technical partner Josh Reynolds and I, began prototyping a biofeedback game mechanic. We discovered that by detecting heart-rate input, we could recognize a deep mindful breath. This became the basis for Bloopco, a health and mindfulness game company. We began building our first game, deciding to develop for the newly launched Apple Watch. Using zen and archery as a narrative backdrop, we built a game called Way of the Bow. 

With medical consulting from Sarah Lopez, a USC physician and researcher, and art concepts from Bill Green, we were able to complete and launch the basic game on the Apple Store in the fall of 2015.

In addition to UX design and project management, I did business development, fund raising and strategy.

You can download Way of the Bow at the link below. (requires Apple Watch)

Later, I pivoted the company and the product to play to a high performance athletic crowd. Individual sports like golf, tennis and biking were beginning to use mindfulness and breathing as part of their work out routines. 'PulseCat' was to be a system to help them integrate into their routine.

I am still exploring alternate wearable options and bio-inputs. My research is still in progress. 

 Early concepts and mock ups for  Way of the Bow.

Early concepts and mock ups for Way of the Bow.

 Revised concepting for  PulseCat.

Revised concepting for PulseCat.