Agent Kickback - HTML5 Platformer

As a kid, I grew up playing dozens of plat-formers on a commodore 64. For a long time, I imagined a side scrolling open world plat-former about a secret agent, who had to uncover a government alien conspiracy. The mechanic of the game was based on a fun "Kick Back" that the main character had when he fired his plasma cannon. 

I prototyped and built in the HTML5 engine construct 2, and created a system for fractioning and designing levels, as well as a map and mission system. I built all of the art in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. I particularly like the art style as it felt creepy and alien like but still fun and cartoony. The awesomely talented Jennifer Kes Remmington did the music track, which I feel hits the mood of the character.

You can play the desktop web prototype by clicking the link below. The video is a play-thru of where I left it.

Below are some images from development.